British MoD releases Request for Information to acquire Maritime Heavy Lift UAS

The ministry of defence (the “authority”) is currently seeking information in order to qualify requirements and develop our understanding of the potential for the market to provide an autonomous maritime airborne heavy lift capability for the royal navy. The purpose of this request for information (“rfi”) is to enhance the authority’s awareness and allow for initial review of a range of maritime airborne autonomous capabilities which currently exist or are in development within the marketplace to support the development of the rn’s autonomy network and the creation of the future maritime aviation force (fmaf, the rapid transformation of crewed aviation roles (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, communications, lift and strike) to uncrewed).

The authority intends to use the responses to this rfi to inform future decision making regarding the potential supply of maritime autonomous airborne heavy lift capability. For clarity, this rfi is not a bidding opportunity but a means by which industry can provide information to the authority.

The authority makes no obligations or undertakings in any way to: i) invite tenders for the capability which is the subject of this rfi; ii) accept any rfi information received from suppliers; iii) include suppliers responding to this rfi in any future tender invitation; or, iv) make any other commitment to respondents whatsoever, including any intention to form a contract with any respondent for provision of the capability. For the avoidance of doubt, any resulting procurement activity will be conducted competitively.

Submission Deadline: January 23, 2019

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