India: 16,000 Telescopic Sights for 7.62x51MM Light Machine Gun

Indian Army seeks a Telescopic Sight for 7.62x51mm LMG with latest technology in order to help the soldier to fire 7.62x51mm LMG accurately with following broad characteristics :-
(a) Effective Range. 800m.
(b) Magnification. Minimum 5X.
(c) Reticle Pattern. The sight should have suitable reticle pattern to
facilitate accurate engagement of target with 7.62x51mm LMG up to
effective range.
(d) Weight. Not more than 650gm + 10% (with mounting bracket and
battery) is desired.
(e) Mounting. Telescopic sight should be capable of being mounted
on Military Standard 1913 compliant Picatinny Rail.
(f) Service Life. Minimum service life of 10 years is desired.
(g) In terms of design, metallurgy and performance parameters, the
sight should be ‘Conforming to latest technology’.
(h) The Telescopic Sight should be capable of providing the desired
performance across all spectrum of employment in the Indian terrain and
climatic conditions without affecting the functional effectiveness of the
weapon or its handling.
(i) The sight should comply with laid down mil standards and other
international standards in vogue.

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