Smart-Shooter: When Jamming Drones Just Isn’t Enough

Creating a breakthrough in small-arms moving-target interception, Israeli based Smart-Shooter is disrupting the market for C-sUAS and already has top-tier customers to prove it.

Occasionally you encounter a new product, and wonder how come no one thought about it before? Such is the Israeli Smart Shooter SMASH product line, that brings fighter-jet gunsight dynamics into the arms of the infantry combatant. But aside from the proverbial wonder, it took a true feat of ingenuity and miniature ruggedized electronics to accomplish this novel concept of “One Shot – One Hit” gun capability.

Selected by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) as one of a handful of approved Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS) solution providers. SMASH’s designation as a sole hard-kill solution for counter-UAS follows a comprehensive Army-led assessment of more than three dozen competing C-UAS systems. In addition, the Indian Navy has also acquired the SMASH Fire Control Solutions, and more than 10 other countries are currently evaluating the system. 

Source: Smart-Shooter, Credit: Hadas Weizman

Founded in 2011 by CEO Michal Mor, and CTO Avshalom Ehrlich in Yagur, Israel, the company also established an American subsidiary, Smart shooter Inc., located in Maryland and an office in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Designed to help military and law enforcement professionals to swiftly and accurately neutralize their targets, the company’s combat-proven SMASH Family of Fire Control Systems increase assault rifle lethality while keeping friendly forces safe and reducing collateral damage. With a unique technology that makes it possible for battlefield elements to be connected with each other, SMASH creates a micro-tactical network that dramatically enhances real-time situational awareness and ensures that the entire platoon shares a common operational picture.

SMASH is a combat-proven family of Fire Control Systems designed to ensure each round finds its target, moving or stationary, in both day and night conditions. With a “One Shot – One Hit” capability, SMART SHOOTER’s Fire Control Solutions uses sophisticated image-processing capabilities and allows the operator to quickly and effectively neutralize any ground or airborne target.

Source: Smart Shooter, Credit: Capt. Fred Warmer US ARMY

SMASH’s proprietary target acquisition and tracking algorithms are integrated with sophisticated image-processing software into a rugged hardware solution, providing an easy to use and cost-effective solution that creates the required overmatch. 

“The need to surgically handle and precisely hit the target without collateral damage is a crucial requirement. We have figured that it is important to present this surgical capability to the complex environment of small arms to protect both the shooter and uninvolved others in the area”

SMASH Fire Control System (FCS) is an external add-on solution that can be integrated onto any type of assault rifle, providing soldiers and law enforcement personnel with the most advanced, next-generation system to support mid and long-range engagements. 

Once the user identifies the target (independently or using the detection system guidance) and locks on it, SMASH tracks its movements and synchronizes the shot release to assure fast and precise hits on target.  Using computer-aided impact prediction processing, SMASH improves user situational awareness and promises precise, swift, safe, and simple hard-kill elimination of drone threats. 

SMASH can be operated as a standalone solution being integrated onto any type of assault rifle, as well as combined with other systems to provide an effective multi-layer defense solution. It can target data generated by external sensors such as electro-optical, RF, and radar systems. The SMASH family is built on an open architecture platform, enabling easy integration, add on, and updates.

The United States Army has recently released its Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Strategy. As the sUAS problem expanded across multiple areas of responsibility, the Department adopted an approach that pursued immediate C-sUAS materiel solutions to address the rapidly evolving challenge for U.S. forces at home and abroad. This approach emphasized the deployment and employment of government and commercially-built materiel to address the immediate risks posed by sUAS. It seems that the SMASH fits right in this strategy as a flexible and effective sUAS interceptor.

Source: Smart Shooter, Headline Photo: Capt. Fred Warmer, US ARMY

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