Exclusive: SpearUAV – Revolutionizing Battlefield Drone Employment

Drone systems are used ubiquitously by tactical military and paramilitary forces. These extremely cost-effective systems have successfully proliferated from the civilian world, providing operators with unprecedented surveillance capabilities at a fraction of the cost of military systems. However, ruggedness and operation deployment capabilities of these fragile systems, are left wanting for typical high-intensity field conditions. SpearUAV identified the challenge of carrying and rapidly deploying drones in intense operations – and came up with the revolutionary Ninox encapsulated drone family.

Numerous companies approach drone innovation through the performance of the drone platform, sensors, or command and control systems. However, handling and deploying the drone system in battle conditions is crucial, and if done incorrectly can undermine the whole mission. This challenge was met by SpearUAV with the Ninox family of encapsulating drones. Born in the ingenious minds of experienced combatants – coming from Israel, this is no surprise.

Founded in 2017, Spear is a privately-owned defense and HLS company. Coming from civilian and military backgrounds, the company’s team combines expertise in areas such as drones, aerospace, AI, software, communications, and more. Applying project-based technical know-how and cross-forces operational experience to emerging commercial technology, Spear delivers immediate tactical superiority on today’s chaotic battlefield. Used by military, government, and civilian organizations around the globe, its broad range of solutions is currently disrupting the world of unmanned aerial systems. 

The Ninox family of drones is a unique encapsulated drone system for instant ISTAR capabilities. Instantly launched and intuitively operated, the drones provide on-demand and on-the-move intelligence capabilities that create new dimensions on the battlefield.

Requiring no deployment, the Ninox system comprises a drone, launched at high speed from the weapon, which then immediately unfolds and stabilizes in the air without operator intervention. There are currently three solutions in the Ninox family: Ninox 40, Ninox 66 and Ninox 103. This is a groundbreaking technology that will revolutionize the battlefield.

On the move vehicle deployed Ninox, Photo: SpearUAV

Compared to traditional drones of similar capabilities, Ninox offers both operational affordability and flexibility: the drones can be launched manually or from a grenade launcher by individual soldiers, from a stationary or mobile land platform, or from an aerial or maritime system. The Ninox’ capsule has an integrated proprietary launching mechanism that enables the drone to be instantly deployed and launched. The Ninox 66 is designed to be employed from smoke grenades launchers, can fly in wind speed of up to 20 kt. The technology is safe and has already been proven in hundreds of trials.

The system was designed to be part of the organic equipment of the team or the soldier, giving the full autonomy in the field.  The tactical force needs the ability to operate the system with no special training, as easy as possible, and also with no extra weight on top of all other equipment. SpearUAV developed the Ninox system to answer exactly those needs. Deployed from a canister, a grenade launcher or even manually, it transforms the way tactical drones are being deployed in the battlefield.

When time is not on your hands – deploying in the heat of battle. Photo: SpearUAV

Military Ruggedized and built to withstand extreme environmental conditions and vibrations (MIL-STD 810G rating), Ninox is available in a range of drone and capsule sizes and can be easily customized to meet customer requirements.

Each launched drone system is designed to be agnostic to various payloads weighing from 200gr to be carried by the Ninox 40, 700 gr by NINOX 66, and up to 1.5kg for the Ninox 103, which is considered a strategic system.  Featuring ISTAR capabilities including day/night camera,  non- lethal weapon (smoke, illumination etc.’) SIGINT, COMINT, relay,  and other advanced payloads. Ninox 40 has a duration time of up to 40 minutes and up to 4 km of LOS communications and a flight range of about 15 km. The Ninox 66, up to 50 minutes and LOS communication of 10km, and flight range of up to 25 km. The Ninox 103 has a duration time of 60 minutes and LOS communication range of 10km.

Spear is a certified sole supplier to the Israel MOD, and is looking to expand its global customer base by offering tailored solutions based on its unmatched capability. The company also works in cooperation with leading platforms’ manufacturers in order to integrate Spear’s solutions into their systems. 

SpearUAV identified the need for special forces, infantry, HLS, and law enforcement agencies, for a tactical drone that is easy and intuitive to use, affordable, and most importantly, enabling the combat team an immediate ISTAR capability with practically no deployment time. Future applications can range from special forces’ missions, tactical teams, maritime missions, as well as first responders, public safety, border security, firefighting and more. 

With more countries adopting new technologies and concepts in order to transform their large armies into more independent, smaller, and lethal, the encapsulated drone future looks bright and promising.

Source, Photos: SpearUAV

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