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Romania: Tender for Provision of HF Monitoring station

Document Type: Contract notice
Title: Contract for the provision of a monitoring station in the shortwave range – HF (hereinafter referred to as SMoRGUS or system), in accordance with the configuration and minimum mandatory requirements set out in Section III): “Specifications”
Contract Type: Supplies
Estimated Value: 13500000 – RON
Description: Contract for the provision of a monitoring station in the shortwave range – HF (hereinafter referred to as SMoRGUS or system), composed of:
– dedicated equipment:
1. receiver / receivers for monitoring and with separate functionalities / detection capabilities / direction location / DF;
2. antenna system, for monitoring and separate / common for DF, with all the related accessories necessary to connect to the receiver / receivers;
3. technical solution with the role of providing information for the approximate identification of the emission sources / disposition of the transmitters;
4. workstations (six) and dedicated server / servers for applications and databases with included or separate information storage capacities for a predetermined period of time;
5. GPS, networking components, interconnection cables, accessories for current measurements and interventions, power supplies, etc .;
6. racks / racks in which the monitoring equipment will be integrated;
7. any other equipment that ensures the operation of the station as it results from the provisions of the specifications;
– specialized software to allow remote control of the station, to perform measurements in a programmed or real time, including for obtaining / using data on estimating the height of the ionospheric layer, and to store the results of measurements in a database, available upon request, in order to analyze and prepare reports, with the possibility of locating the transmitter by SSL method and displaying the estimated location of the transmitter on an open source map.
As well as the provision of ancillary services (design, installation / integration services, testing / operationalization of equipment and personal training), in accordance with the configuration and the minimum mandatory requirements provided in section III): “Specifications”.

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