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UK: Royal Navy’s Maritime Enterprise Planning Group Industry Day for Digital and IT

The complex problem set faced by the Royal Navy in the modern operating environment calls for a closer alignment with industry. This is required in order to both understand mutual requirements and to pursue transformative capability that will deliver operational advantage in a more agile way. The inauguration of Maritime Enterprise Planning Groups, aligned to the Royal Navy Capability Planning Groups, will provide a means to have an open and honest dialogue with the industry. Set within commercial guidelines, they will bring together military and defense industry capability experts on a periodic basis to assist in resolving problem-led procurement questions.

The intent for the Maritime Enterprise Planning Groups is to:
• Improve understanding. The problem-led approach to future capability development will
drive a closer relationship with and within industry.
• Enhance situational awareness. Providing industry with a common ‘customer view’ from
which they can respond and develop solutions for RN capability requirements.
• Enable alternative thinking. Creating a thought-space where Royal Navy and industry can
focus on the requirements for a solution to a problem.
• Deliver agility. Leverage innovation and acceleration pathways to focus on solutions that
provide accelerated development.

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