IDEX 2021: SMART SHOOTER to Present Unique “One Shot – One Hit” Capability

The SMASH technology brings precision-missile targeting algorithms and advanced electro-optical processing capabilities into standard assault rifles providing a “one shot – one hit” capability, ultimately revolutionizes the world of small arms

SMART SHOOTER, a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems that significantly increase the accuracy and lethality of small arms, will present its SMASH 2000 Plus Fire Control System and SMASH Hopper Light Remote-Controlled Weapon Station (LRCWS) at the IDEX 2021 exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

SMASH is a combat-proven Fire Control solution that ensures each round finds its target. With a unique “One Shot – One Hit” capability, SMASH allows the operator to quickly and effectively neutralize any ground or airborne target, manned or unmanned. It is a cost-effective solution that can be integrated onto any type of assault rifle to increase force lethality while keeping friendly forces safe and reducing collateral damage.

SMASH 2000 Plus includes the SMASH fire control solution’s full feature set, with an additional advanced Counter-UAS mode which provides accurate Hard Kill capability against drones or any static or moving ground targets. Designed to give soldiers and Law Enforcement Professionals a decisive tactical edge in almost every operational scenario, SMASH 2000 Plus is ideal for defense, HLS, border security, strategic facilities protection, police, and paramilitary uses.


SMASH Hopper is a modular and rapidly deployable LRCWS that provides “One Shot – One Hit” capability while controlled by an operator from a safe distance. Weighing approximately 15 Kg, SMASH Hopper is ideal for deployment on various lightweight manned and unmanned vehicles and platforms, with a wide range of applications. Offering day and night capability with automatic scanning and target detection, SMASH Hopper is ideal for multiple mission scenarios including force protection, border security, anti-drone, remote ambush, and other low-profile operations in complex urban environments.

“Smart Shooter’s state-of-the-art technology allows each soldier to be smarter, effective, and professional.  Bringing precision-missile targeting algorithms and advanced electro-optical processing capabilities into standard infantry, SMASH ultimately revolutionizes the world of small arms. SMART SHOOTER’s Fire Control Solutions are fielded and in operational use by friendly forces around the world, including the IDF and the US Special Forces, and we are honored to present them at the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi.”


Visit SMart SHOOTER at IDEX Abu Dhabi exhibition, Israeli Pavilion Stand 01-B30

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