Greece: Hellenic Navy Issues Tender for Aegean Hawk Electro-Optical Systems

The Hellenic Navy is seeking 6 E/O systems for its S-70B-6 Search and Rescue helicopters. The E/O system must be in the production phase, a guarantee of technical support up to factory level (D-Level), and the disposal of spare parts for fifteen years (minimum) after the time of delivery. The delivery of the project does not exceed 12 months from its commission.

The E/O shall include an infrared (IR) camera with a minimum resolution of 640 × 480 capable of covering horizontal range (Fields Of View-FOV) of a minimum of X° to Y°. It is desirable for the E/O system to include an infrared (IR) camera, which delivers a resolution of 640 × 512 or higher capable of covering fields of view -FOV of a horizontal range greater than X° to Y°.The E/O system shall include a colour TV camera capable of covering a horizontal range of at least X° to Y°.

For tender documents inquire:

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