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Additional Order of NX70 Micro-Drones for French Army

The French Ministry of Defense procurment agency (DGA) ordered 49 additional NX70 micro-drones from the company Novadem. To date, nearly 143 NX70 drones and associated equipment and spare parts have been ordered by the Ministry of the Armed Forces since 2018 from Novadem, for a total amount of more than six million euros. These 49 new drones will be delivered during the first half of 2021. 

The DGA notified in 2018, as part of an emergency operation, a first order for 54 NX70 drones intended for land forces, then a second for 40 drones at the end of 2019. The drones for these 2 orders have all been delivered.

Quiet, easily and quickly implemented, the NX70 micro-drone from Novadem contributes to the proximity intelligence of the units, thus making it possible to reinforce their close protection and to keep the tactical ascendancy over the adversary. It weighs less than a kilo and has a substantial capacity to withstand wind, rain, and dust over a wide temperature range. It has high-performance cameras, allowing high-definition images to be taken, transmitted in a secure manner, several kilometers away from the operator.

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