US: RFI for UAS Traffic Management

In the process of updating the long-range plan for the New York UTM Corridor capabilities and systems as it progresses towards commercialization of UAS applications in New York State, One area of
near-term interest is the market availability of UAS traffic management (UTM) elements, consistent with NASA’s UTM architecture and the FAA UTM ConOps, to support flight operations within New York’s UAS Corridor and ultimately beyond.
This request for information (RFI) is an effort to understand the capabilities and limitations of existing UTM related products and the planned roadmap for their development. The goal is to inform a procurement strategy to develop a commercially viable UTM capability, including persistent flight
management capabilities in the coming years consistent with long-range customer needs and NUAIR’s
investment budget.

Suppliers current and planned capabilities to provide a wide range of services as defined in the NASA UTM Architecture and FAA UTM ConOps are required. The functions of interest are listed in the full RFI document . It is not expected that all services described will be available at the current time or that any one supplier will be required to provide all services described. The list of functions provides a long-term potential suite of services that the agency is interested in providing to users flying within the
confines of the 50-mile corridor and beyond.

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