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US: RFI for Coast Guard Rotary Wing Radar Replacement

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Research and Development Center (RDC) and Office of Aeronautical Engineering (CG-41) are developing requirements to modernize the C5I capabilities of the USCG’s rotary wing fleet. In support of this, the RDC/CG-41 are seeking information on industry solutions to replace the current radar system, while also expanding capabilities and improving sensor performance. A replacement system is essential to resolve imminent system obsolescence issues and to improve search and rescue (SAR) and law enforcement (LE) mission performance. The purpose of this SPECIAL NOTICE is to identify industry partners, with rotary wing radar solutions, that can help to refine functional requirements through participation in a virtual collaboration event.

The USCG’s Preliminary Requirements are:

  1. Aviation Multi-mode Radar
    1. Airborne Weather Detection Mode(s)
    2. Maritime Surface Surveillance Mode(s)
  2. Non-magnetron Transmitter
  3. Field of View (FoV) > 120°
  4. Automatic Stabilization > 25° Pitch/Roll
  5. Compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, 14 CFR, part 29: Airworthiness Standards, Transport Category Rotorcraft Subparts C, D, E & F
  6. Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 8, per DoD Defense Acquisition Guidebook (2012) or commercial equivalent
  7. Sensor System Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)
    1. Antenna Dimension: < 20 in
    2. Total System Weight: < 60 lbs
    3. System Power
      1. Compatibility: 28VDC, 115VAC 400Hz
      2. Consumption: 40 ADC, 3.0 KVA

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