Portugal: Acquisition of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Within the framework of TECSEA Portugal is seeking the acquisition of two autonomous underwater vehicles (Autonomous Robotic Lander) capable of omnidirectional movements and efficient diving up to 4,000 meters using a variable buoyancy system. TEC4SEA is a unique and pioneer platform in Europe to support the research, development, and test of marine robotics, telecommunications, and sensing technologies for monitoring and operating in the ocean environment.

Its characteristics, geographic location allowing fast access to deep sea, and support of multidisciplinary research, enable full validation and evaluation of technological solutions designed for the ocean environment, allowing researchers to evolve from simulation/lab experiment to field trial.

The research infrastructure brings together a set of laboratories, testbeds, equipments, and support facilities for experiments in controlled and real environments, including:

  • Laboratories of (a) robotics with test tanks, (b) optical/radio communications with access to an anechoic camera, (c) acoustic submarine signal processing and instrumentation development for submarine exploration, and (d) optical and image sensors, with access to infrastructure for fabrication of fiber optic based devices, microfabrication (clean room), and optoelectronics instrumentation;
  • Maritime wireless networks testbed with fixed stations and sea nodes deployed in fishing ships;
  • Support facilities at Leixões sea port;
  • Robotic platforms capable of supporting different payloads, including buoys and aerial, surface, and underwater vehicles.

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