ELBIT announced today that its UK subsidiary, Elbit Systems UK Ltd. (“Elbit Systems UK”), was awarded an approximately $137 million (approximately £100 million) contract by the UK Ministry of Defence to provide the British Armed Forces with the future target acquisition solution for Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and Fire Support Teams under the Dismounted Joint FiresContinue Reading


HattoriX, an innovative fire support system launched by Elbit Systems at the end of 2018, recently completed a series of demonstrations for eight Western European countries. Operational with the Israeli Defense Force since 2019, HattoriX is a passive/active target acquisition systems that uses Artificial Intelligence to enable Forward Observers andContinue Reading


Drone systems are used ubiquitously by tactical military and paramilitary forces. These extremely cost-effective systems have successfully proliferated from the civilian world, providing operators with unprecedented surveillance capabilities at a fraction of the cost of military systems. However, ruggedness and operation deployment capabilities of these fragile systems, are left wantingContinue Reading


Creating a breakthrough in small-arms moving-target interception, Israeli based Smart-Shooter is disrupting the market for C-sUAS and already has top-tier customers to prove it. Occasionally you encounter a new product, and wonder how come no one thought about it before? Such is the Israeli Smart Shooter SMASH product line, thatContinue Reading


The United States faces threats from a variety of actors including strategic competitors, regional powers, weak or failed states, and non-state actors. Competitors are challenging U.S. interests across all domains and geographic regions by leveraging advances in technology such as sUAS to achieve their objectives.Although the most common use ofContinue Reading