The Canadian Future Fighter Capability Project (FFCP) is set to acquire advanced fighter aircraft to replace the Royal Canadian Air Force’s existing fleet of CF-18 fighters. Including 88 advanced fighter jets, associated equipment, and weapons, training, and sustainment services. Valued at $15 to 19 billion CAD the evaluation of the proposals is ongoing sinceContinue Reading


In a landmark ruling, FAA creates an administrative process for aircraft developers to apply for ad-hoc supersonic flight approval over designated land areas. In consideration of the continuing development of a new generation of supersonic aircraft, the FAA is modernizing the procedure for requesting a special flight authorization to operateContinue Reading


The next military revolution is already here, and its called Digital Engineering. Although Digital Engineering cannot strictly be considered as the 4th Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA), and is not even a “what” but a “how”, it is posed to radically change the current defense industry landscape. Digital Engineering cannotContinue Reading


The United Arab Emirates and Cyprus have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), according to the Saudi Gazette reports, to enhance bilateral cooperation in the defense and military fields. The MoU was signed by UAE’s Minister of State for Defense Affairs Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Bowardi and Cyprus’ Defense MinisterContinue Reading