The United States faces threats from a variety of actors including strategic competitors, regional powers, weak or failed states, and non-state actors. Competitors are challenging U.S. interests across all domains and geographic regions by leveraging advances in technology such as sUAS to achieve their objectives.Although the most common use ofContinue Reading


The Brazilian Army is conducting feasibility studies for the acquisition of up to 221 armored cavalry combat vehicles, or VBC-CAV, in an 8×8 configuration, armed with at least one 105mm cannon. The guideline determines the creation of a team responsible for feasibility studies and the preparation of the proposed modelContinue Reading


The ministry of defence (the “authority”) is currently seeking information in order to qualify requirements and develop our understanding of the potential for the market to provide an autonomous maritime airborne heavy lift capability for the royal navy. The purpose of this request for information (“rfi”) is to enhance theContinue Reading