Within the framework of TECSEA Portugal is seeking the acquisition of two autonomous underwater vehicles (Autonomous Robotic Lander) capable of omnidirectional movements and efficient diving up to 4,000 meters using a variable buoyancy system. TEC4SEA is a unique and pioneer platform in Europe to support the research, development, and testContinue Reading

civil disaster

This call supports exercise projects aiming to design, plan, prepare, implement, conduct and evaluate different civil protection activities including a full-scale exercise in a multi-national scenario as the main event of the project. The scenario can simulate the situation and conditions of all types of disasters calling for the activationContinue Reading


The Defence Forces Logistics Command requests a tender into tender competition of MTV-flares 1x1x8″ for the Finnish Defence Force NH90 transport Helicopter. Value excluding VAT: 230 000.00 EUR Deadline : 30/04/2021 For more info:Continue Reading