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The exponential growth of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) creates new risks for the Department of Defense (DoD). Technology trends are dramatically transforming legitimate applications of sUAS while simultaneously making them increasingly capable weapons in the hands of state actors, non-state actors, and criminals. Small UAS may also pose hazardsContinue Reading


Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), a trading entity of the Ministry of Defence, has a potential new requirement for a Flexible Tactical Uncrewed Air System capable of delivering high quality Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) from a ship. This procurement has been classified as an Urgent Capability Requirement (UCR), withContinue Reading


The Civil Guard has allocated almost six million euros -5,950,000 euros, specifically- to maintaining the fleet of four Dauphin AS365N3 helicopters operating in the Air Service (Saer). The contract, with an expected duration of two years, includes preventive and corrective maintenance; the necessary reviews and inspections; technical documentation; and theContinue Reading