The Brazilian Army is conducting feasibility studies for the acquisition of up to 221 armored cavalry combat vehicles, or VBC-CAV, in an 8×8 configuration, armed with at least one 105mm cannon. The guideline determines the creation of a team responsible for feasibility studies and the preparation of the proposed modelContinue Reading


The Indian Navy is planning to urgently acquire 10 shipborne drones for enhancing its surveillance capabilities in the Indian Ocean Region, for which it has received the government approval recently. The Navy will acquire these drones through an open bid under the Buy Global category and then soon deploy themContinue Reading

The proposed equipment will ensure the survivability of Special Forcespersonnel during operations by providing ballistic protection to the individual. It will have provision to fit Hard Armour Panel which in effect will deliver adequate ballistic protection to MARCOS around the vital organs when tasked for missions and undertaking combat activitiesContinue Reading